Why AluTruk?

Here’s why we think our products are the best:

  • We only use premium quality structural aluminium for extruded parts for its high strength-to-weight ratio. The most suitable alloy has been chosen for tensile strength, density, ductility, formability, workability and corrosion resistance;
  • AluTruk extruded parts are anodised to limits of ±10µm 1.1mm which effectively seals the surface of the alloy to resist corrosion;
  • AluTruk handgrips stay on the sack truck…once fitted correctly, our nylon grips are virtually impossible to remove without cutting tools;
  • Sealed semi-precision ball bearings for the smoothest ride;
  • The highest quality and thickness of plating in the industry helps resist rust and keeps your truck looking like new for longer;
  • 6mm thick nylon6 walls with nylon in-fills used in the cross members on our most popular frames for superior strength;
  • One piece pressed steel hubs are made from 1.8mm coated steel for maximum strength and durability;
  • AluTruk polyurethane foam tyres are rated at an industry leading 1500 grammes to eliminate compression set and improve rolling properties under heavy loading;
  • Magnesium alloy axle brackets which are less brittle and more impact resistant than standard die-cast aluminium, particularly in cold and freezer areas;
  • Highest quality UK sourced fasteners for superior strength and longevity.

Imitated by many, surpassed by none…our quality in is the detail.

Quality systems

Your quality expectations mean everything to us. Only by striving to exceed those expectations can we expect to retain your custom, enhance our reputation and therefore allow us to grow.

BIL are ISO 9001:2015 accredited as a manufacturer, designer and developer of materials handling equipment and our Quality Management System forms the backbone of our organisation.

Rigorous testing and quality control is standard at BIL Materials Handling and our products have been extensively field tested and also evaluated by independent test laboratories within the UK.

Full batch traceability is incorporated to our systems to track every single component and materials back to source.

Hand-built and individually checked

Each and every modular AluTruk is hand built to order by skilled operators and every AluTruk is hard stamped with an individual, unique trace number for future reference.

Strict quality controls throughout this process, followed by final checks prior to despatch ensure that the renowned superior build quality remains consistent.

The AluTruk brand stamp is a guarantee of the highest quality and our assurance that our modular trucks are built to last.

Tried and tested, BIL and AluTruk are brands that you can rely on for quality, innovation, service and flexibility.
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