New BILTruk range brings handling benefits to all sectors

For a long while now, BIL have supplied variations of our sack trucks into large, well known PLC organisations as well as single van companies within a wide range of industries including:

  • foodservice
  • parcel delivery
  • water cooler delivery
  • keg handling
  • electrical distribution

Working with each of these industry sectors, we researched into  all of the recurring problems they were having with their existing sack trucks and trolleys.

This in-depth investigation allowed us to identify a need for a high quality, tubular welded aluminium and steel sack truck and so, we developed a new sack truck range, BILTruk.

(The requirements we identified via this work are detailed within our BILTruk guide).

Because of its many clear advantages and benefits we anticipated high demand for the new BILTruk and manufactured in large volumes to ensure that we could meet the predicted order levels.

Since launching – and as anticipated – BILTruk has become a fast selling brand of BIL Group and has been exceptionally well received across all industry sectors,  gaining extremely positive comments relating to its quality of manufacture along with the exceptional value for money which it delivers.

As an example; we recently took on a new customer within the electrical / white goods home delivery sector. They are a franchisee of a large buying group who have been in the industry for over 40 years. In short, their feedback was; ‘BILTruk was the best sack truck they have ever bought!’ Below are the full comments from the customer in question;

Hi BIL Truck Sales,

After 40 years of being in the Electrical Retail business I purchased two of your BILTruk Sack Trucks. I didn’t realise this was a British made Sack Truck and you were based in Chippenham (obviously my research ability was poor).

After all these years of buying sack trucks, for us this sack truck is the best for our business use! I am part of a larger buying group and I feel very sure that our organisation would benefit from knowing more about your products and I’m sure you would achieve good sales.

This type of feedback is typical for the BILTruk range and is testament to BIL’s product development team who continually strive to innovate to create the most effective and efficient product handling and moving solutions for all industries.

Continuous Innovation from BIL product development

We were intrigued to learn that this customer currently uses pipe lagging to reduce the chances of any damage to the product s they are moving. This is something that we were already investigating and looking to introduce into both the AluTruk and BILTruk range.  (We will keep you posted!)

Despite the difficult economic conditions caused by the pandemic BIL continue to find ways to innovate improve and take the Materials Handling industry forward. We are always open to seeing what new solutions we can bring to each and all of our customers across our Castors and Wheels, Material Handling and bespoke engineering divisions.

If you would like to know more about why the new BILTruk range is proving so popular and how it could benefit your business please view our product range, email us at or just call us on 01249  470 435.  We would be delighted to hear from you.

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