20tonne Machine Skate Kit

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Including 4 roller skates, 2 turntables, 2 packing plates, 2 steering handles, 2 link-up bars, one draw bar, one metal box.
• Very useful for short, variable transportation distances
• Ideal for installation works and movement of heavy loads
• The steering handle allows precise control, making it easy to manoeuvre large machinery into tight areas
• Excellent value for money
• Minimum turning circle is 3 metres.

NB. Finish colour supplied may differ from that illustrated

•All maximum carrying capacities are based for use on steel surfaces, which withstands the pressure of the chain-roller. For safety, the carrying capacities in complete sets are calculated so that 2 roller skates could support the full load on uneven surfaces.
•The track surface is important for the safe transport of the load, not the carrying capacity of the roller skate. Tiles are unsuitable. Movement on tarmac and concrete is restricted. In these cases it is recommended to put a steel plate of a minimum of 10mm thickness underneath.
•Due to the little effort required to overcome the rolling resistance (4-7% of the load) precautionary measures must be taken for use on inclined surfaces.

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