Data Centre Skoots 1800kg

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The Skoots SKENCSYS1 paired units are a
patent-pending portable moving system which can hydraulically lift loads of up to 3,520lb (1,600kg) off the floor onto castors, allowing easy movement in any direction.

The system has been specifically designed by
BIL Group UK to manoeuvre fully-loaded data
enclosure cabinets safely and easily into their
final install positions.

Heavy-duty adjustable clips, in combination with an adjustable locking toe-plate bar, tie the load to the Skoots frame for complete safety.

The use of quick-release outriggers ensures that the loaded data enclosures remain stable and upright during their removal from transportation pallets and their subsequent movement into final positions within data centres. The Skoots are easily removable in order to complete final constricted movements, and pack together for storage.

The Skoots system makes
relocating heavy server racks a
piece of cake… you’ll wonder how
you ever managed without them!

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