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BIL BuildingIn 1972 Basil Malandrinos, or Baz to his friends, started selling castors and wheels from a spare room in his house in Windsor. The small scale operation quickly grew and within a year Baz-Roll Products Limited was born. The new company moved to larger and larger premises over the next few years until finally settling in a Wokingham industrial estate.

By the mid 1970s Basil had also become involved with a innovative new hydraulic lifting product called Skoots and in 1977 Skoots (Moving Systems) Ltd was formed. The new company would work in harmony with Baz-Roll Products Ltd and manufacture and distribute the new Skoots product alongside Baz-Roll’s ever-growing range of castors and wheels. Over the next few years the portfolio of products increased, to also include hand trucks and trolleys of various types and sizes.

As both companies continued to grow, larger premises were once again required, and in 1991 it was decided to relocate to Calne in Wiltshire. Soon after the move Basil and Products Director Tim Walker began work to give Baz-Roll Products the ability to manufacture their own ‘BZ’ range of castors and wheels. With their combined knowledge and years of experience of the castors and wheels market they transformed Baz-Roll Products from distributor to manufacturer in its own right.

Ever-increasing product lines, further investment….

With our comprehensive range of materials handling products, such as hand trucks and trolleys plus plant and machinery handling equipment, along with over 10,000 different product lines of castors, wheels and rollers manufactured by our parent company, we are confident that we can supply you with a product to match your specific requirements promptly, at a competitive price.

Our current group stock holding of components and finished goods at our European Storage, Assembly and Distribution facility based in Calne, Wiltshire is valued at over £2 million. These include a full range of castors, wheels and fully assembled sack and hand trucks.

In 2002 Mark Farrell (the current managing director) joined the team and applied the same ‘distributor to manufacturer’ transformation to the materials handing side of the business with the introduction of a range of modular aluminium hand trucks under the brand name AluTruk.

In 2007 a management buyout by Mark and Tim saw the company change once again. Major infrastructure and systematic changes were implimented and the company went through a restructure and major rebrand. BIL Castors and Wheels and BIL Materials Handling were formed to sit neatly under the umbrella of BIL Group. Things now really started to take off and despite the economic downturn, BIL Group consistently increased its turnover by more than 10% per annum year on year from £3m to £5m in less than seven years whilst improving profitability.

Ever-increasing product lines, further investment and a pending worldwide patent on a new moving system for the growing data centre industry, are just some of the things assuring BIL Group its continued growth and success within the castors & wheels and materials handling markets.

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