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BIL Material Handling have manufactured, supplied and maintained Skoots for a number of customers for over 30 years. The industry renowned Skoots Moving Systems ranges from 600kg – 5000kg load capacity. They are Ideal for moving rectangular weighty items such as Switchgear units, Vending machines, Industrial Safes, Bathroom pods and much more.

One of our oldest customers of the Skoots product is Photo Me International who use the Skoots Moving System daily for the install and relocation of Photo booths throughout the UK.

Photo-Me have been established over 50 years and have been siting Photo Booths into shopping centres and supermarkets all that time. Previously they had tried various ways to move the photo booths throughout that 50 years and the easiest and most secure way they could find in recent years was using Skoots.

Tony Stone, Logistics Co-ordinator for Photo Me recently visited BIL Group headquarters in Calne, Wiltshire for a training session on Skoots maintenance and shared his thoughts on the product with us and how he felt they impacted Photo Me International’s day to day operations.

“The Skoots are solid, easy to use and with the multi directional wheels, they are easy to manoeuvre. At times we have to get machines through very tight spaces and the locking of the wheels is fantastic for that. Once the machine is lined up, the wheels are locked and that means the booth moves in a straight line through the space not moving from side to side thus providing stability throughout the install”

“The Skoots are also easy to maintain, with very few moving parts to go wrong. If anything goes wrong or maintenance is required the support from BIL is very good!”

“We have Skoots in our fleet that are over 12 years old and are still going strong. They have been maintained and serviced regularly by the supplier”

Skoots have proven to be a very effective solution for Tony and his team at Photo Me International. The unique design of the Skoots means there is little that can or will go wrong. They are manufactured to the highest standard all within the UK.

Once product is loaded onto the toe of the Skoots and secured with fitting straps. The product can be lifted and lowered with precision using the hydraulic rams located on each side of the Skoots.

Product itself is only required to be 10-15mm from the floor when in transit providing much more stability throughout the relocation or install. When the product has reached its desired location the hydraulic rams are released thus lowering the product carefully to the ground enabling users to remove the Skoots and move onto their next job.

Full training is available on request and onsite demonstrations are welcomed for the Skoots Moving System. One of the UK’s most popular pieces of Material Handling Equipment on the market today!

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